Saturday, September 3, 2016

August 2016 Family Recap

Well August, what can I say?  You started with such promise!  We spent time with friends, spent a fun lunch at dad's work, played a lot, and had big plans to have summer go out with a bang!  We had concert tickets, and swim lessons scheduled, and plans to watch D play soccer together...

...and then on the 10th this happened!  I broke my foot!  I went to take the trash out back one night before bed, and stepped right off the deck into an unseen, newly dug dog hole!  I don't remember much other than laying on the grass crying, and being thankful I had my phone with me to call Pat!  That night I went to bed hoping for just a sprain, but by morning, it was pretty clear I needed to see a doctor.  After a couple appointments, it was confirmed, I broke my first metatarsal on my right foot, and was told I'd be completely non weight bearing for six weeks!  To make it worse, it is my driving foot.

This rest of August looked a whole lot like this!

I am super grateful that Pat was able to take off a few days, and then his parents came and stayed with us for a week to get us through the hardest stretch.  Also thankful for a friends who have taken the kids for play dates, and driven D to and from preschool.  It has saved us all our sanity!  

The month did bring a bit of fun for the boys, we ended up selling all of our tickets to Ryan Adams, but Pat decided to take Dylan to the Wilco concert, and they had a great time!

Above all I am thankful for these two kiddos.  They have been so patient with me as I've tried to navigate around the house and take care of them.  They've given me snuggles, love, laughs, and all the things that are important in life.  I love them!

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